Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Hat

Check out my new hat Aunt Darcy bought me! It's nice and warm...keeps my ears oh so warm!

Friday, January 11, 2008

4 Month Check-Up

Whew, I'm growing so fast! I now weigh 18.5 lbs and am 26.5 in long, which puts me in the 97% in both categories!

Testing out my new high chair!

The doctor told me I could start eating cereal - yummy! Mommy ran out and bought me new bowls, spoons and bibs so that we could test this cereal thing out. I told her I didn't really need a bib but she insisted I wear one.

I wasn't too interested the first time as Mommy waited TOO late and I was so hungry that all I was interested in was my bottle! We gave it another try the next day and man was that some good stuff! It managed to leak down my neck so maybe Mommy was right when she said I needed a bib! I've been eating it for about a week now and I've got it mastered. I open my mouth when I see the spoon coming and smack my lips because it taste so good!

Family Pictures

MORE PICTURES?! When will all the picture taking stop? I behaved this go-around and didn't wet myself and everything else in sight!

Check out my dimples! I have them just like my dad.

I was trying to hide from the silly photographer.

I'm getting pretty good at holding myself up!

Check out my shirt...Mommy says it makes me look like such a big boy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My First Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I made it through my first Christmas! I have to say, Christmas is pretty cool and I think I'm going to like this holiday. What's better than lots of blinking, colorful lights, lots of new toys and good food? Well, I didn't get to eat any food, but it all sure looked yummy. My Uncle Brent, Gigi and Great Grandma and Granddad came down so all our family was in Texas this year.

Santa brought me a really neat CD player that plays songs and makes animal noises when I push the big orange button. I also got this little car that I can scoot around on and as soon as I'm able to walk, it turns into a little walker thing. My stocking was also full of Disney DVDs, CDs and balls!

Uncle Brent is starting to think I'm not so bad! He was a little hesitant to hold me when I was really little but now I think he likes me. He says babies don't like him and they also cry when he holds them. When Uncle Brent was holding me, I spit up all over his hands. Everyone started to laugh and I didn't think it was so funny; I broke down crying!

This isn't my toy from Santa, but this one is pretty cool too. It's Pooh and all his friends...they sing to me while I ride around. Aunt Darcy was nice enough to push me all over the patio on Christmas Day.Great Grandmas Ila has been out of practice for awhile. I'm the first new baby in the family since Uncle Brent!