Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Visit From Aunt Co and Grandma and Grandpa Fink

After my trip to the hospital on Wednesday, Mommy and I went home to take a nap and wait for Daddy to bring Aunt Co and Grandma and Grandpa Fink home from the airport. This was my first time meeting everyone so I was really excited. Mommy says they spoiled me rotten, but I didn't mind being held and feed whenever I wanted!

Grandma Fink
Daddy and Grandpa Fink
Aunt Co

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blood Work

Today Mommy took me back to the hospital to have some blood work done again. Nothing to worry about, it was just something that had to be done when I was two weeks old. The mean nurse pricked my foot and squeezed really hard! I only cried a little bit and the nurse told me I was a really good boy...she even gave me a Batman band aid for being so good!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My First Lunch With The Girls

Mommy decided we needed to get out of the house and meet Aunt Darcy and Jess for lunch at Half Shells. I think Mommy enjoyed some adult time and I had so much fun I slept through the whole meal!

More Pictures

Mommy decided it was time for me to get my birth announcement pictures taken before I got too big, so today was the day. Mommy and Daddy made sure it give me a bottle before my appointment so that I wouldn't be fussy for my pictures. Although they thought this was a GREAT idea, it turned out to be not so great.

First, I had to take everything off but my diaper. The photographer shot a few pictures and while she was shooting, Daddy noticed something leaking from my diaper. Yup, I peed all over myself! Mommy cleaned me up and we proceeded with a few more pictures before my diaper came off for more pictures. Once again, I peed all over...not only for the second time, but 3 times! We were on our last set of pictures and the photographer wanted to get some of Daddy holding me. I got a little excited again and peed all over myself and Daddy! Mommy thought it was the funniest thing because Daddy's crotch was all wet and it looked like he had peed himself too!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two Week Check-Up

I had my two week check-up yesterday and scored an A+ on my report card!!! I've not gained much weight, only 2oz, since I left the hospital so my Pediatrician put me on some formula in addition to mommy's milk. I'm really hoping this helps fill my belly up and mommy and daddy are hoping this helps me sleep better at night!

This was my first time eating formula....I didn't like it at first, but now it's really yummy!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My First Week

I had lots of visitors while in the hospital! Mommy tried to take pictures of everyone, but I know she missed a my Aunt Susan and mommy's boss, Celine. Here are some pictures of me with my family and friends.

Aunt Darcy

Jess Grandma Debbie
Grandpa Brad

Mommy was a little worried about my first car ride, but I showed her and slept the whole way home! I was excited to see our new house and everyone who was waiting to see me.

One of my other favorite things to do, besides eat and poop my diaper, is swing! I know, it's bigger than I am, but I'll grow into it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Early Arrival

I decided to enter this world a couple weeks early even though mommy and daddy told me to wait until we moved into our new house.

My arrival was pretty exciting as mommy was at home alone while daddy was up in Oklahoma City working. Luckily Aunt Darcy lived only a couple blocks away and came over to take mommy to the hospital.

A few hours later and a little pain for mommy, here I am! I weighted 7 lbs 13 oz and was 20 in long. Mommy and daddy said I was the most beautiful baby in the world and I have to agree!