Sunday, April 13, 2008

My New Basketball

Mommy left me and Daddy at home last weekend while she went with Aunt Darcy to watch KU play in San Antonio. Mommy and Aunt Darcy had a wonderful with their friends Leslie and Jess. They were even more pleased when KU won the National Championship!

Daddy and I had a pretty good time too. I was pretty good while Mommy left me for 2 1/2 days - I think Daddy survived too!

Mommy brought me back my first basketball and although I'm not able to do much with it now I'm sure in a couple months I'll be able to play catch.

Talking, Clapping and Starting to Crawl!

Where should I start?! Last Wednesday I started saying da da! Now, that's pretty much all I say. I'm working really hard on saying ma ma and Mommy has assured Daddy I don't know what da da means and it definitely doesn't mean I like him more!

Yesterday Grandpa Brad came to visit and I started clapping my hands! I finally figured out that when I put my hands together, they make noise! I get really excited when I clap and try to put both hands in my mouth!

And tonight, I started to army crawl a little! I really like the TV remote and decided I would just go get it myself! I'm still struggling a little and get kind of upset when Mommy and Daddy put things out of reach to force me to crawl. I think it's a very mean trick!

School has been really good...I'm learning all sorts of new things!