Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Surgery

I've had so many ear infections these past few months - 4 or 5 and just couldn't get over any of them! We talked to my pediatrician as I'd been on a bunch of different medicines and nothing seemed to work. Luckily I was never gumpy and Mommy usually couldn't tell I was even sick! We went to visit the ENT about getting tubes in my ears and Mommy and Daddy decided it was the best thing for me so that I wouldn't lose any hearing.
The day of my surgery I had to be at the hospital VERY early! I arrived in my pjs, got checked in and changed into my Looney Tunes outfit! The nurse took me away and I didn't even cry! The surgery was only 5 minutes so I was only away from Mommy and Daddy for 10 min total. I wasn't very happy when I was waking up - that anastesia made me feel very strange. I cried for 20 or 30 minutes and finally got to drink my milk!

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